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01-Oct-2016 10:35

As Catholics, we desire peace to such a degree that we believe fervently the only way to do this is by protesting literal war.

But in protesting it we are not peacemakers; we are people who fail to see the root problems causing war.

If we claim to be Christians, people of peace, then we must bring Christ’s peace to those dying in the battlefields of our world. The enemy has been unleashed upon us, and the battlefields are where your friends and mine, your family and mine, your neighbors and mine, are suffering from spiritual decay and death. But acquiring true peace means we must courageously face the ugliness of war, the consequences of our sins.

We must be willing to enter into the battles without fear, without reticence, and face the enemy head on.

But I say the only way to overcome war is to purposefully go to places of war.

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We cry ‘peace’ at rallies, believing this is the only way to overcome war.

Do not despise those arguments you find yourself mediating.

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