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The character's whisper felt close but not overly loud.I also really liked the background sounds and sound effects.This one obviously focuses on student/teacher dynamics.They are, however, very high quality; if you liked the previous ones, you'll like this one too.This is a good option if you're looking for something fluffy with a twist (orgasm control).The CV's voice is nice to listen to, and the overall CD is done well considering the price.It's not the most interesting premise, but my view of this release is overall pretty positive -- though not much stands out, nothing about it rubbed me the wrong way either.

I like how throughout the H scenes, they'll say some lines that remind you that you're recording (like 'change the camera angle to here' etc.) which makes the scenario more believable.I recommend this for those who like rough 'forced' Yandere ! You get 4 tracks, but they all have H scenes and are between 18-43 min long.I had high expectations from this group, well, let's just say, it wasn't quite there. Hikaru and (I believe) Kazuma, the ~DOP~ heroine's (ex)boyfriend, make a short cameo in this CD as well, making this installment connected to the rest of the series.Btw, this story is unrealistic because no porn is really this good lol; this CD is better than real life since you/the protagonist is treated so well. First of all, the whole rich 'okanemochi' idea and forced marriage is already a plus point and adding on Yandere is another plus plus points BUT to top it with REALLY COOL SEXY HOT MATURE Akira's on point voice makes all Infinite Plus plus plus points ?!?! An unexpected addition to the Confining Marriage spinoffs.

(lol) tbh, I've listened Akira's works in other series including non-Doujin CDs... This one takes place in roughly the same time frame as "Student Conquest Association ~Days of Plunder~", the 3rd CD in the series starring Touji's son, Hikaru.The heroine is blackmailed by Hikaru to seduce Kazuma with a spiked drink, though she herself harbors hidden feelings for Kazuma already.