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Anne and Roger were married in Grenoside, Sheffield in 1982.

Also in attendance were a number of other Warwick alumni: Carolyn Marshall, Rosanna Musetti, Rob Mc Mahon, Steve Cutler and Dianne Richardson.

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If so, we would like to start collecting your stories. If you're planning to marry someone you met here, let us know as well.

Rabiya actually met Umair after he had graduated and was working for an investment bank in London.

He used to come quite often even after graduation to represent his bank at different events and he still had a lot of friends studying at Warwick.

Karen and Mark met at the 'Freestylers' gig held in the Cooler in 2001.

Karen only had eight weeks left of her university career whilst Mark went back the following year to finish his third year.Andy offered Tania a beer so it was pretty much love at first sight! Simran first saw Nihaal in her first week at Warwick University when he was taking part in a dance performance in the Students' Union.