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Iconoclasts are born, surely, but more often they come smoking from the forge of highly particular circumstances and (unfortunately requisite) suffering. English born, the pioneering aviatrix lived most of her life in the British East African Protectorate, which became the Kenya Colony in 1920 before breaking from foreign rule in 1963, under the leadership of prime minister and president Jomo Kenyatta, to become the Republic of Kenya.Through each of its violent moltings, Markham's bit of Africa was never less than her anchor and an argument for living boldly, sometimes on nerve alone.When I visit, the area is in the worst stretch of its dry season, and the animals are in hiding.

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If one were inclined to take these and other rumors straight from the spoon, it would be nothing to write off Markham as an illiterate alcoholic who rarely, if ever, got off her back.Speculation about Markham has, in fact, outlived the woman by going on 30 years.

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