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15-May-2016 16:02

It may be that the incorrect use of the term vagina is due to not as much thought going into the anatomy of the female genitals, and that this has contributed to an absence of correct vocabulary for the external female genitalia among both the general public and health professionals.

Because of this and because a better understanding of female genitalia can help combat sexual and psychological harm with regard to female development, researchers endorse correct terminology for the vulva.

Otherwise, being very elastic, it may return to its normal position.

Additionally, the hymen may be lacerated by disease, injury, medical examination, masturbation or physical exercise.

For these reasons, virginity cannot be definitively determined by examining the hymen.

The length of the vagina varies between women of child-bearing age.

Supporting the vagina are its upper third, middle third and lower third muscles and ligaments.

This increase in moisture provides vaginal lubrication, which reduces friction.

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