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We tried the bisquits & gravy with eggs and the spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese frittatta. Also tried the Bloody Marys on a recommendation and they were the best we've had in a long time. We always love to sit at the bar and eat, you just learn more about the restaurant that way.We were immediately greeted by Brian the bartender. A very comfortable and upbeat dinner, we will definitely be back again and again!I ordered my burger for take out, and I specified medium, some pink.The burger is served on a toasted bun with a tomato slice and a few leaves of greens, far too few for my taste. The patty was outstanding, very thick, superbly cooked.I tend to go on Wednesdays when they have an all-day happy hour, which means FANTASTIC beers of tap and some really yummy food. – I live in the Belmont neighborhood and have been coming to Hobnob for about a year and a half.Plus, there is a pingpong table for your enjoyment. Jason, the owner, is super nice, not to mention, HILARIOUS!I thought the art of the homemade veggie burger died when Stanfords sold out, but Hobnob did them one and took it to a whole new level.

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Hobnob's offering has great potential but needs some minor tweaks.

when i asked when my "training" would be over and i would be allowed to keep my tips he gave vauge answeres and kept my money again.

After friday night when we sold several thousand in boose and food, bringing in more then 0 in gratuity (which he kept after giving me of that), it was clear this job was not how it had been presented in my interview.

DONT WORK HERE – I just quit working here after two weeks. He continued to pocket my tips in the name of training while he was scheduling me on busy shifts, filling a slot when he would have to have a full staff.

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I wasnt "shadowing" anyone or being tought anything.

Not too many places you can go now where the restaurant grinds their own meat for the burgers!