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13-Aug-2016 14:10

Wix offers small businesses and individuals an extensive tool to create websites with hundreds of templates to choose from, a drag-and-drop website editor, mobile and e-commerce integration, and the chance to input business management apps from the Wix App Market.Office 365 is a subscription-based alternative to the desktop-based version of Office, which is same way that Windows in the future after it announced plans to offer "Windows-as-a-service" through continuous updates to the platform.Note that in web.config, the starter file (app.js, or something else) appears a few times.Make sure that it matches your starter file, otherwise your application won't run properly when it's deployed on Azure.To convert a non-Azure project type into an Azure project type, see the next section.

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Today Libre Office is more powerful, simple and secure, and offers superior interoperability with Microsoft Office documents.

Deployment will include all the files in your project.

Files in the node_modules folder are included automatically, even if they are not part of the project.

See Advanced Debugging for more information on debugging your application Azure Website.

If you are publishing an app to an existing Website, where a different application was published in the past, you'll want to check the Remove additional files at destination under File Publish Options so that there are no leftover files from the previous project.

Once you have the publish settings you're ready to deploy.

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