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26-Sep-2016 11:06

I don’t feel compelled to get up and say “Oh, this is horrible” and “Those people are wrong and these people are right.” In a way, who am I to do that? There will be art that comes after September 11 that isn’t a response to it, but rather, a predecessor to it.Who are these people that know so much that they can tell everybody else that they’re wrong? We could then simply say “We have a dilemma of right and wrong.” So, no, this isn’t the record that reflects September 11. Maybe it reminds one that without the hope of peace, there’s not much to be hopeful about. I’m not in any way underestimating the tragedy of September 11, but other tragedies like AIDS have also altered my consciousness.I did once write a song called “Blinded by science” that was a put-down about food additives, but I hate the bandwagon feeling of people saying “Oh dear, my new album has some songs very blatantly about September 11.” I have to admit that the mood and reality of Europe were only a few steps away while I was recording is a Steve Howe record and I’ve used Paul as my accompanist on eight tracks and I do the other four pieces myself.

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One guy brings in one piece and another person brings another one in. The only time this is similar to a group is when two of the group’s members write together and bring a song into the group, like the Anderson/Howe songs we used to do.

He’s served with the group off-and-on during the past four decades.