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Is it possible to then convert this result into a string: eg: 1,2,3 Thanks How can I prevent my php from visiting the pages where users are offline.I have a code that will go to the next page when clicked next and when click previous it will go to the previous page.I do not want it to go to the next page when a user is offline I want it to skip that page and go to pag...I have searched a number of different items but I have not found any answers.My question is using fade In with j Query AJAX in a news portal comment system.I have #table that is id of ul, and each comment is listed as a listitem inside this div.I am simply trying to output some form data to a text file. But, I want to know what will be the best approach for this. I use php Excel Reader to read a excel file,but get nothing. I create a excel template with UTF8 encoding,"Excel 97-2004" format,and Excel Reader could read the excel file,but after client copy data from other excel file and paste in the template, Excel Reader can n... I'd like to know country, city and state of all my visitors. id idnumber | Math | English | Geography | Ict | Biology 1 va01 100 80 89 100 82 2 va02 90 79 70 30 76 3 va03 ...I have an SMF website and i'm actually trying to get some header information which includes the title of a particular thread, the url but i've been finding it difficult to get the unique link affixed to the url using PHP. I've been investigating IP addresses theory but i can't find a way... Hi i need help i have table "students" (Category, Group Name, Student Last Name, Student First Name) All Students relates with "Group Name" Second table is (Daily Student Check) with same field S Avalability i got 20 students in every group on Table (Daily Student Check) i create (Student Last Name, Student irfan .

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I intent to append this MD5 to a form along some other inputed data. I run start somewhere else in my PHP code so that is irrelevant.So far I could retrieve the MAC address and convert it to MD5 successfully. I wrote $LEVEL = level($skillxp) however the "cho 'efniewfb3idn3uo'; never prints out. function level($xp) { echo 'efniewfb3idn3uo'; for ($lvl = 1; $lvl I've been trying things all day to stop RT's from appearing but have had no luck.