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21-Sep-2016 02:13

Finally, sex burns fat and releases other chemicals that bolster the immune system, he said.Weeks, who is himself a youthful-looking 59-years-old, said getting it on is especially good for geezers.Sofia tells Gabi that she wants cheap appetizers and hot guys or cheap guys and hot appetizers and that either is cool as long one of them is covered in ranch.Josh slides down the stairs, as always, and he asks Sofia whether Gabi had told her about the cool party he will be hosting. Josh then tells Sofia that Caroline is on the way to New York to get her wedding dress with Vera Wang.Nelson said he’s game but added, “At my age, you have summertime sex.” “Some of the time it works, some of the time it don’t,” he said.Sofia encourages Gabi to start dating again in the hopes she’ll move on from Josh.But Josh takes an immediate dislike to Gabi’s new guy, Cam, leaving Gabi confused about their relationship.

Right when she says that, the elevator opens to an attractive guy and Gabi immediately flirts. Cut to: Gabi and Cam arriving in front of Gabi's apartment and she telling him that her building is not that fancy as his is and that she wants to take things slow, as it went too fast with her last guy.While Sofia refuses, Josh is excited to hear about the menu.